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  Today Is :
Saturday 21/04/2018

Diminta pengguna/pelanggan PANTAS Online yang mempunyai baki amaun dalam akaun pra-bayar PANTAS melakukan salah satu dari 2 transaksi berikut dengan seberapa segera sebelum 31 Ogos 2014.

1) Membuat pemindahan baki akaun pra-bayar PANTAS Online ke akaun IP Online;atau

2) Memohon untuk pemulangan baki akaun PANTAS yang tidak digunakan dengan menghantar surat kepada IP Online Admin atau diemelkan kepada iponline@myipo.gov.my

Sila kemaskini maklumat digital id yang diberi secara peruma. Tiada lagi bayaran sebanyak RM320 untuk mendapatkan digital id.

You can now use IP Online Portal Prepaid Account with top-up amount of RM1,000.00 each time you do the top-up, or you can choose to become a credit card user. We only accept top-up in portion of RM1000.00. Please pay with credit card or through MyIPO counters.



We only accept Master or Visa Card for credit card payment.



Please access the Digital ID Center to enroll, pickup ID (certificate),renew, and revoke a digital certificate by clicking HERE.



Detail views of applications are chargeable. Search is free.



Please refer to our Pricing Scheme on chargeable services.


    1. Form 1         6. Form 15
    2. Form 6         7. Form 25
    3. Form 7         8. Form 26
    4. Form 8         9. Form 27
    5. Form 9       10. Form 29

Dear Valued Agent,

Kindly notify the below officer via email if you find any discrepancies on your profile (agent’s info) displayed in online form during online filing. (eg. misspelled in address, phone no not updated)

Trade Mark:
Pn Faridah Kasmadi
En Mohd Khairul Fadzli Mansor

Pn Suhaila Salleh
En Hasrul Azha Bahrin

Industrial Design:
En Abdullah Mohd Jan
En Norizam Amdan

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