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Q: What is the proof of my successful transaction?

A:  Your transaction is successful when you get a confirmation page with filing number for Patent filing, Trade Mark filing, Industrial Design filing, and Geographical Indication filing. If in any circumstances, you do not get a confirmation page, please check your transaction's status in both Filing Paid Applications or Filing Unpaid Applications menus. For other transactions, you can check them in transaction history in your IP Online account.

Q: What type of registration available in IP Online?

A:  IP Online only provide filing (registration) services for Patent, Trade Mark, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Indication applications.

Q: How do I know the amount of charges  in IP Online?

A: The fees table is available only after you log into IP Online Portal. Please refer to Pricing Scheme in Help menu.



Q: What is the purpose of corporate account in IP Online?

A: The account created for monitoring nominated user’s activities done within the account. No search or filing action can be conducted in the corporate account.

Q: How to register as IP Online user?

A: You can sign up as IP Online user via online user registration form. You can register your company in corporate registration form and register as Individual user to conduct search and filing. If you are a registered Trademark or Patent agent account if you have the agent ID issued by MyIPO to indicate that you are the genuine user.

Q: Is there any membership fee for signing up as IP Online user?

A: No membership fee is imposed on user upon signing up as IP Online user account. Signing up and conducting search are free of charge.

 Membership fee has not been implemented yet. Therefore you can sign up as user for free.

Q: How do I nominate a user as a corporate user?

A: Log into corporate account and click on Nomination menu. Click Add button and key in the user’s passport or Identity Card number of the person to be nominated.

Q: How many users can be nominated under a company?

A: No limit number but you should nominate user according to your needs.



Q: How much is the minimum amount for topping up  my IP Online Prepaid account?

A: RM1000. You can top-up in RM500 or RM1000 portion.

Q: What are the charges for IP Online services? / Is there any reference for the charges imposed on clients/users for using IP Online?

A: Currently, the fees are the same as currently practiced in MyIPO offices. The charges can be previewed in Help menu -> Pricing Scheme

Q: How do I make payment for IP Online?

A: Three options to top up your IP Online Prepaid Account

1. Use credit card either Master or Visa

  • Logon to IP Online
  • Click on menu Account --> Account Info
  • Click on Topup Using Credit Card
  • Fill in your credit card particulars
  • Click on OK button to proceed

2. Bank in to MyIPO's Maybank account

  • Pay to Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia.
  • Account : Maybank Cawangan Dayabumi
  • Account No : 564100004244
  • Send your bank-in slip with your completed IP Online Prepaid Top-up Form to:
    • Fax No.: 03-2274 1332 (Attn.: Bahagian Kewangan); or
    • E-mail your scanned copy of your bank-in slip to onlineapps@myipo.gov.my

3. Manual Top Up

  • Download IP Online Prepaid Top-up Form
  • Make payment either by cash/cheque/bank draft/money order or postal order
  • Attach your payment slip with the completed topup form
  • Send to:

U/P: Bahagian Kewangan
Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia
Aras 32, Menara Dayabumi
Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50623 Kuala Lumpur


Q: What is Digital ID and what is it for?

A: A digital ID is a formatted digital “passport” that contains information about the owner and is issued and signed by the Certificate Authority. It contains unique information of one’s identity and provides authenticated name, e-mail address and other unique data. It acts as an electronic signature as proof of identity, encrypts data or attachments, ensures content can be read by intended recipients only.

Q: What is myKey and how can I apply for one?

A: MyKey is a digital signature software governed by Malaysia’s Digital . Signature Act 1997 and is accepted by the courts of law in Malaysia. A document digitally signed with MyKey is treated as a legal binding document as it is with a handwritten signature.

It provides the highest protection for data  and transaction online. It is accurate, secure and legally recognized.



Q: What do I need to file online?

A: You need a IP Online user account and Digital ID to proceed with Patent, Trademark, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Design Online Filing. Besides that, you must prepare all related and supporting documents in digital format (soft copy) 

Q: How to file online?

A: You can file your Patent, Trademark, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Design application online by yourself or with the assistance of an agent.

Firstly, you need to register as IP Online user via online user registration form either as a registered agent, individual or corporate user.

Secondly, apply for your Digital ID from MyIPO or MSCTrustgate and install the Digital ID into your designated PC. This digital ID must be attached to your application.


After you have done the first and the second step, make sure that you:

  • Prepare all documents in digital format.
  • Prepare your Trademark representation is in GIF format with a size of not more than 100KB and 120x90 pixels.
  • If you are an agent, please prepare your TM1 form to be uploaded to IP Online.
  • Prepare your Statutory Declaration in scanned format eg. TIFF or PDF.
  • Prepare your long List of Goods in a DOC file to be uploaded to IP Online.
  • Proceed with the payment. Check the fees in Pricing Scheme table.
  • Print a copy of TM5 form before your make the payment.
  • Print your Confirmation page upon successful filing.

Q: What are the formats allowed for ‘File attachments’ in IP Online Filing module? / What are the acceptable formats for file attachments in IP Online?

A: File attachment for Trademark application must follow the following condition:

Representation of logo or marks must be in GIF format.

Other documents to be uploaded can be either one of these formats: PDF, DOC

File attachment for Patent application can be either one of these formats: PDF, DOC, TIFF.  Please simplify the filenames to avoid any conflict during the uploading process in attachment page.


Q: What happen if I wrongly attached a document during filing process?

A: Please e-mail your documents to onlineapps@myipo.gov.my or call IP Online Helpdesk number, 1-300-88-3333 for assistance.

Q: What do I get as a confirmation upon my successful filing of new Trademark application?

A: A confirmation page that consists of filing number, Trade Mark’s name, date of filing, applicant, payment amount, account number, filed person, agent’s file reference number, receipt/transaction number and payment amount. A MyIPO official receipt will be sent to your address.

Q: What do I get once I submitted my Patent application via online filing?

A: A confirmation page that consists of filing number, filing date, applicant’s name, agent’s name, account number, payment amount and  transaction number.



Q: How to conduct search online?

A: You can conduct search via Simple Search or Advanced Search module.

What you need is a user account (individual or agent account) with IP Online. No search and filing can be done via corporate account. If you intend to share the money among authorized users, you can register a corporate account and nominate the users under that account.

Q: How to conduct search for figurative mark in IP Online Trademark Search facility?

A: Go to Trademark Simple Search page and key in one or more Vienna codes in 6-digit convention e.g. if the Vienna code is 1.1.3, key in the code as 010103 in Simple Search’s Keyword text field. Separate each Vienna code with comma and you can combine more than one Vienna codes with Boolean operator such as AND, OR and etc.

Q: Do I need Digital ID to conduct online search?

A: No.  Digital ID is needed in filing module only.

Q: Do I need money to conduct search online?

A: No money is needed to conduct search for basic information. You can get basic information for Trade Mark application such as mark name, mark type, application number, legal status and mark classification. While for Patent application, the basic information is Patent Title, application number and legal status.

Q: Do I need to pay anything for online search information?

A: No, if you require only basic information. But if you need details information of Trade Mark and Patent applications, you will be charged RM5 for each application number but it is not inclusive the charge for Patent downloads. Each Patent download will be charged RM30.

Q: What will I get when I pay RM30 for Patent download?

A: You will get scanned documents for Patent specifications in PDF format which inclusive of Patent’s abstract, claims, descriptions, drawings and First Page (Bibliography) .

Q: Does every Patent’s information is available for viewing?

A: No. Patent information is available according to certain legal status.

Q: What Information is available in Patent applications?

A: A Patent’s Bibliography contains Patent Grant Number, application number, owner, inventor, filing date, granted date, legal status, title, abstract, scanned specification documents, agent’s name, patent classification, priority data, prior art and date of publication or grant.

Q: How to search for Patent information?

A: You can conduct search according to keyword that describes the Patent’s title or abstract. To get status of applied Patent, you can key in the Patent number or the application number in the keyword field.

Q: How to enhance the search conduct?

A: Click on Advanced Search button. Key in your keyword that represents either abstract, title, applicant/owner, application number or patent number. Choose your search criteria to determine where the keyword must be sought from.


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